FootMaxx Orthotic

Clearwater Physical Therapy offers services for custom foot orthotics. We work with Footmaxx custom orthotics. They are designed to provide maximum foot control by combining four layers (top cover, cushioning, module and bottom reinforcement) with accommodations to create the best orthotic for each patient. They offer excellent motion control without added bulk or discomfort.

Footmaxx orthotics are handcrafted for people who require better foot function in everyday activities from work to play. They are firm enough to provide control, yet flexible enough to offer all-day comfort.

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It’s as easy as calling and booking a 15 minute appointment. Having our Athletic Therapist conduct a gait assessment, personal history and the metascan. We process his information and order you a pair of orthotics that will meet your feets’ expectations.

**Not all insurance companies will cover Footmaxx Orthotics products.