Patient Results

  • L.F.

    My foot feels so much better than before I came in! Shellene made me feel very welcomed and comfortable. She rocks!!!


    Jan 29, 2016
  • D

    We would like to Congratulate Physical Therapist, Dilip Sargam for reaching his 1st year Anniversary today! He continues to work hard to ‘Get you results’.


    Nov 2, 2015
  • JS

    When I came in to get my PT, I was so sore in my injury area. I didn’t know what to do but when Shellene started her practice on me, I felt so good after that treatment. I could move around WOW!!! Awesome!!! I feel like a millionaire!!


    Nov 13, 2015
  • Carter-Slawson

    My Knee feels way better and I don’t need crutches anymore. Thanks Shellene.

    Carter Slawson

    Dec 11, 2015
  • I am extremely happy my physician sent us to get physio to Clearwater Physical Therapy. I came in with a sore back and my shoulder was very painful. After 2 months I am going home without a problem with my back and my shoulder is well enough that I can get a proper rest again. Thank you Travis and staff!!!

    Robert Cree

    December 25, 2015
  • I came to clearwater for massages with Jessica because I have a lot of tight muscles from training for triathlons. I wish I could hace a massage with Jess every week because I always feel 100 times better when I leave. Her massages allow me to train hard!

    Meryl M.

    December 31, 2015
  • From an ambulance trip because of lower back pain on January 27, 2014, the progression with Travis over the past three weeks has improved my back motion and flexibility by 100%.

    Tom Morrissey

  • I’ve been having massage coupled with physical therapy after my MVA. Jessica’s massages have helped decrease the intensity of headaches- I can no go approx. 3 days without a headache ?


  • I came in for a massage because my shoulders were bothering me. Lisa did Trigger point treatment and it made a huge difference after one treatment. Lisa was great and made my back feel much better. Thanks Lisa!


  • 3 weeks ago I got run over while crossing a crosswalk. With all the help to recoup, you would know by looking at me. Thanks so much Carol.

    Bev B.

  • My name is Elise. I’m a massage therapist and I hurt my right shoulder. I had 4 treatmenrs with Alma. She is a wonderful physiotherapist. After 4 treatments I was completely cured. I appreciate what she has done and recommend her to anyone for physio. Thanks Alma.

    Elise B.

  • I wouldl like to thank Kim for helping me with my tennis elbow. The mobility in my arm has increased tremendously and I am almost pain free. My arm was so bad at one point that I hated to do simple things like brush my hair. The improvement has ve astronomical.

    Colleen B.

  • Been seeing Angie for awhile for my painful feet. Went to the gala this weekend and wore high heels for the first time all year – No pain!!

    K. Brown

  • January of 2013 I hurt my back, was experiencing a great deal of pain and limited movement. After weeks of different forms of therapy I decided to try massage. I had heard of Chris from a few friends and booked an appointment. The massage sessions were the only form of therapy that 1. provided relief and 2. increased my mobility. I still see Chris for my back and other issues I have with exercise/sport related stresse and injuries.

    Leanne Hawco

  • Thank you Brendan, my hamstring is really much better. You are the best physiotherapist in the world. You got me really ready to tryout for Alberta Winter Games!

    Sam R.

  • Travis helped my elbow get back to 100%. Thanks a lot!

    Luke Hannas

  • I came in with abdominal and rib pain. Travis solved the problem and I am now able to do my daily activities as usual and play sports

    Caroline Denault

  • Alwats had super sore hips, couldn’t function normally or play sports without pain. Came in and Lisa put my muscles through a very tough but much needed gauntlet. After the third time, I have NO PAIN!! Thanks to Lisa, I am now giving it 100% in all sports and normal functions without a hitch. Definately the best choice I’ve made this year for my body

    Rick F

  • To Brendan, Thanks for making me hurt during accupuncture and exercises, but in times it is all worth it!

    Jaquelyne Lapointe

  • Lisa did an amazing job releasing tension and knots in my back, neck, and shoulders. I felt much better after my first treatment. I look forward to regular sessions to keep these problems away. Thanks!


  • I was never a strong believer in physiotherapy until I came here for a significantly dislocated elbow, Alma gave me a lot of hope and courage and after just 6 visits I was able to return to work full time in which I was afraid my arm would never heal without an actual operation, but Alma did it. She is great and all the staff here are very friendly. I will always recommend Clearwater Physical Therapy for their dedication & courteous and friendly staff.

    Elizabeth Charron

  • When I came in I could barely put any pressure on my foot. Even when I had it elevated it ached. After just two physio sessions I had no pain, and I could walk normally again. I am amazed.

    Lindsay Swirski

  • Physiotherapy and acupuncture really helped me with my sore back, neck, and shoulders. In 3 weeks I have been able to move more freely without muscle tightness and pain. Thank you Brendan for your professionalism and help. Thanks to the whole team.

    Glenda Pollard

  • In July 2011 I broke my tibia and dislocated my ankle longboarding. I could not walk for 8 weeks! I started physiotherapy with Shellene to start building back leg strength in preparation for walking. After being non-weight bearing on my leg for 8 weeks, it was nothing short of amazing when I could finally walk again. I continued to keep up with my physio appointments to get my range of motion back in my ankle. Now, I can do yoga wall climb, and zumba with no ankle swelling and I have my full range of motion back.

    Elizabeth La