Clearwater Physical Therapy is a leading edge Concussion Management company providing gold standard concussion education, medical consultation, pre-participation screening and post injury concussion management. 

In order to bring you the highest standard of concussion care, Clearwater Physical Therapy provides a full-service concussion testing and rehabilitative program. A vital component of concussion management involves obtaining a pre-season or “baseline” test. Baseline testing is essential for individuals of concussive injury as it provides an important point of reference when managing head injury and determining readiness to return-to-play.

Our testers administer a supervised ImPACT® assessment (computerized neurocognitive test). ImPACT® is the most widely used and scientifically validated concussion assessment tool. The program measures multiple aspects of cognitive functioning in individuals, including:

– Attention span

– Working memory

– Sustained and selective attention time

– Response variability

– Non-verbal problem solving

– Reaction time