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Vernon Physical Therapy

Clearwater Physical Therapy is an independent clinic in Vernon and the Okanagan region, owned and operated by a certified Physical Therapist. Our aim is to bring a fresh perspective to the community. With a combined experience of over 30 years, our team offers a unique and enjoyable approach to well-being.

Situated in downtown Vernon, our clinic provides a vibrant and welcoming environment, fostering a positive and interactive rehabilitation journey.

Alongside comprehensive physical therapy services, we specialize in pelvic floor therapy, acupuncture and dry needling, massage therapy, concussion management, and conduct workshops to promote wellness and prevent injuries.

Body Pain Treatments

At Clearwater Physical Therapy, our dedicated Physical Therapists specialize in resolving back, neck, shoulder, hip, and knee pain. Through detailed assessments, they identify the underlying causes of pain, such as postural asymmetries, movement dysfunctions, or muscle weakness. Working closely with patients, they create personalized treatment plans to provide the fastest pain relief and restore optimal function. With expertise in movement analysis, our therapists accurately diagnose and address the root causes of pain. Whether it's the complexity of the shoulder joint, the intricacies of hip movement, or limitations in knee function, our goal is to reduce pain, improve mobility, and facilitate a return to normal activities. Contact us today or book an appointment to start your journey towards pain reduction and improved function.

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Concussion, Vertigo & Dizziness Treatment

Clearwater Physical Therapy is a leading provider of concussion management services, offering education, consultation, testing, and rehabilitation. They emphasize the importance of baseline testing for individuals at risk of concussions and provide comprehensive treatment plans for post-injury care. Additionally, their skilled physical therapists specialize in addressing dizziness, vertigo, and balance issues through tailored treatments and analysis. They strive to improve balance and provide guidance for long-term maintenance.


Acupuncture & Dry Needling

Clearwater Physical Therapy offers acupuncture as a natural healing technique to improve overall well-being, reduce pain, and enhance the function of affected areas. It is a safe and effective alternative to medication or surgery, often providing relief when other treatments have failed. Their skilled Physical Therapists assess injuries and symptoms and use acupuncture as a complementary treatment alongside other physical therapy techniques. They also provide Dry Needling, focusing on neuro-musculoskeletal systems to address pain patterns and muscular dysfunction. Dry Needling emphasizes anatomy, neurology, and physiology, while acupuncture stems from oriental medicine, targeting energy flow and stimulating internal organ systems through specific needle placements.

Clearwater Physical Therapy Fort McMurray & Vernon

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic health physiotherapy is the assessment and treatment of various conditions that involve the pelvic floor or symptoms that manifest in this area. It can be a crucial part of an individual’s complete medical care. The pelvic floor includes muscles, ligaments, nerves and connective tissue. It plays an important role in the body by providing support for the bladder, genitals, uterus and anus.

If you experience any of the symptoms below, you will benefit from pelvic floor physiotherapy:
Urgency,  Nocturia (having to get up in middle of night to go to bathroom),Constipation,Frequency, Incontinence(inability to hold contents of bladder), Pelvic Pain & Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome.

Pelvic floor Physio near me Vernon

ICBC Treatment

Clearwater Physical Therapy is an approved ICBC clinic. Our team of skilled Physical Therapists work with  clients to facilitate wellness and  assist them in the return to  prior functional level with closely monitored treatment program designed for accelerated results.    

While personal injury due to a vehicle accident is common, it can often be severe, resulting in loss of work time and difficulty with day-to-day tasks. Don’t delay physical therapy treatment after an auto accident, the immediate effects may be subtle but can escalate into very painful conditions over time. 

Be sure to contact ICBC prior to attending your assessment.  You will need a claim number prior to attending your first visit. 

 Call us today or use the “Book Appointment ” button so we can help reduce your back and neck pain and get you back to optimal function today!


Post Surgical & Sports Treatment

Clearwater Physical Therapy specializes in post-surgical rehabilitation and sports injury treatment. They emphasize the importance of proper rehabilitation to restore joint movement and regain strength after surgery. Their expertise in treating a range of injuries ensures excellent recovery outcomes. They also offer tailored treatment plans for sports injuries, aiming to get individuals back to their activities pain-free and safely. With their attention to detail and experience working with athletes of all ages, Clearwater Physical Therapy delivers powerful results.


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