Pediatric Program

Clearwater Physical Therapy is proud to present our Clearwater Pediatric Program! This program is to serve and assist families who have children with disabilities and delays in our community. We offer programs to infants, children, and teens. We are focused on assisting families to help make a lifelong difference. We recognize that there may be struggles when parenting and raising a child with disabilities and delays ; we want to help families and support with programming and knowledge.   Our goal is to empower all children to be successful in life.

Our focus is to meet the needs of families and children with issues or problems  in:  gross & fine motor development, cognition and emotional development, play and socialization, sensory integration, self-care, body awareness skills, and diagnoses.   Our Pediatric Program consists of individual assessments and treatment plans as well as several groups that are Physical Therapy play based programs!   Our intent is to promote functional development in a play based environment. The play based environment and activities are tailored to the population within the program and ideas for home are given as well. We also offer individual Physical Therapy, community education and parent training.

We are offering assessments ,  treatments and programs for school readiness and pre-primer fine motor skills to school aged children who have delays who need assistance to independently function and improve skills for school.  We want to help with enabling children to be independent and successful in all areas of their lives.

If you have any questions about our program and future services please do not hesitate to call the Thickwood clinic. Looking forward to establishing a strong relationship and working together to “empower all children to be successful in life”.