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Our Vernon Clinic Opportunities

 Are you a..Physiotherapist, RMT, Reflexologist, or other health related independent contractor?

At Clearwater Physical Therapy, our primary objective is to assist our clients in returning to the activities they love. With over 20 years of experience as a Physical Therapist, our Founder Shellene Dirk has successfully established two clinics. The Vernon Location, operational since 2019, has played a crucial role in helping numerous clients reach their recovery milestones. Our Health Team currently comprises of two exceptional Physical Therapists and a skilled Chiropractor. We are constantly seeking to expand our team, providing new avenues for healing to our clients.


Our practitioners collectively boast 30 years of experience and consistently build strong connections with their clients. Their aim is not only to guide individuals through their rehabilitation but also to educate clients about their bodies. The key to our success lies in transparent communication of our findings and the creation of personalized programs, ensuring optimal patient outcomes!

Are you yearning for a professional environment that seamlessly integrates with a fulfilling lifestyle? We are actively seeking passionate healthcare practitioners to join our dynamic team. Discover the unparalleled lifestyle that Vernon, has to offer – a city not just defined by its work opportunities, but also by the abundance of recreational activities and natural wonders that surround it.

Beyond the daily grind, this picturesque locale invites you to immerse yourself in a year-round haven of activities.  Hiking through scenic trails, casting a line into pristine waters, cycling through picturesque landscapes, or unwinding on beautiful beaches. Engage in thrilling water sports, explore enchanting nature trails, tee off at world-class golf courses, carve through snow-covered slopes in winter, and indulge in the rich offerings of local wineries – all within reach.


Embrace a professional journey that not only fulfills your career aspirations but also allows you to savor the unmatched lifestyle that Vernon, uniquely provides. Join our team and become part of a community that celebrates both professional success and the diverse, enriching experiences available in this captivating region.

Why this is a great opportunity and what we are looking for.

Beyond Vernon's appeal as an ideal family-oriented locale and a hub of thrilling adventures, our community is tightly knit, ensuring a constant stream of clients throughout the year!


We are actively seeking qualified candidates who are either residents of Vernon or considering relocating to this vibrant city. New graduates, including physical therapists, RMTs, and others, are especially encouraged to apply. We provide opportunities for mentorship, collaboration, and a robust support system.


Forge your professional path within a nurturing clinical team, gaining access to a comprehensive referral network both within the clinic and throughout the community. Join us in building a thriving practice while enjoying the supportive environment that Vernon offers.


If you're eager to join our team, we invite you to reach out and share how your unique skills and expertise would contribute to our clinic. We are excited to receive your inquiries and learn more about what you can bring to enhance our team. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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