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At Clearwater Physical Therapy we don't just treat your injury. We treat you!

Our skilled and dedicated practitioners will create a professional and fun environment for you to experience in our centrally located clinics. Our active and patient centered approach to helping you achieve your goals will have you living your best life in no time. Our focus is on guiding you through your rehab process with activity, education, humour and fun.

Physiotherapy on Knee

Physical Therapy

Our skilled Physical Therapists are ready to assist with alleviating any discomfort or limitation hindering you from achieving your desired activities! Through hands-on manual recovery sessions incorporating diverse techniques, exercise therapy, acupuncture, and IMS, coupled with extensive clinical expertise, you'll experience rapid improvement. Our clinic features state-of-the-art gym and exercise facilities, ensuring you regain mobility and strength, reconnecting you to a more active life swiftly!

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Our Chiropractor is a highly skilled Doctor who specializes in full spinal care with a unique focus on Upper Cervical Knee Chest adjustments. She is also Webster certified and a proud member of the International Chiropractors Pediatric Association.


Chiropractic care has many benefits and you are in good hand with Dr. Amanda Skeen. She offers private space for the treatments as well as online booking. Come see how she can help you.



Our Counsellor is associated with the College of Counselling Therapists of Prince Edward Island (CCTPEI) and a member of the Canadian Marriage and Family Therapy (CAMFT). With diverse certifications, including CBT-I, CCTP, and EFT levels 1, 2, and 3.


Specializing in couples counselling, individual counselling, and educational workshops. Additionally, she is a Certified Mindfulness Practitioner, Mindfulness Life Coach, and Relationship Coach, dedicated to fostering well-being and healthier relationships.

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Pelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy is used to assist our clients with issues they are experiencing within their pelvic floor.  This can include pelvic pain, issues with bowel and bladder control and painful sex. 

Our Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists guide you through an assessment (external and internal) in a private room to determine your individualized treatment plan. You will leave your sessions feeling empowered and equipped with the tools to handle your issues right away.


Massage Therapy

Our experienced Massage Therapists will use a variety of soft tissue mobilization, cupping and exercise techniques to keep you moving and feeling great!


Personalized treatment plans and techniques are implemented with a clear understanding  of your mobility needs and goals for treatment. Our goal is to connect our client's treatments to their overall wellbeing.

Core Exercises


Our kinesiologists provides personalized one-on-one, or in group settings exercise programs to identify and strengthen areas for improvement. They tailor individual exercise plans based on specific needs.


In the sports realm, kinesiologists collaborate with athletes to optimize movement patterns, enhance strength and conditioning, and prevent injuries, contributing to improved athletic performance.

Brittany has helped me SO much! I love all the different methods she uses. It’s been such an informative and healing experience. She is so friendly and takes the time to really listen. I’m so happy she was recommended to me!

-T.M, British Columbia

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