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Common Cycling Injuries And How To Prevent Them

Updated: Feb 16

Cycling is a widely embraced pastime and workout pursuit. Moreover, it serves as a mode of travel for numerous individuals. Beyond merely participating in cycling, there's also a fondness for observing it. Enduring cycling-related injuries tend to arise when repetitive motions are consistently performed. This leads to muscle fatigue and subsequent overuse injuries.

In this discussion, we will delve into prevalent cycling-related injuries and strategies for their prevention.


Common Cycling Injuries

Lower Back Pain

During cycling, you maintain a consistent posture for an extended duration, and inclining forward can exert significant stress on your spine, resulting in unease. Prolonged sitting and forceful pedalling have the potential to lead the sacroiliac joint to rotate, potentially giving rise to intense lower back pain.

Knee Pain

This is the prevailing form of overuse injury encountered in cycling, primarily stemming from suboptimal bike fitting. When the saddle is set too low, excessive pressure is exerted on the front of the knee, just below the patella or kneecap, leading to discomfort.

Wrist and Hand Pain

An inadequate bike fit can lead to undue strain being applied to the wrists. During lengthier rides, this can culminate in tingling sensations within the ring and smaller fingers. This condition is occasionally referred to as handlebar palsy, emerging from the compression of the ulnar nerve extending from the wrist to the ring and little fingers. Additionally, persistent pressure on the handlebars can exacerbate carpal tunnel syndrome by compressing the median nerve coursing through the wrist and palm.

Neck Pain

This condition arises when the neck muscles tire due to prolonged periods of looking upwards. The muscles become overburdened by supporting the head's weight in a consistent posture for an extended duration. Moreover, extended neck extension during cycling could potentially exacerbate arthritis or compressed nerves in the neck.

Hot Foot

A sensation of burning, numbness, or discomfort underneath the foot's surface arises. This is brought about by the nerves that pass through the area near the ball of the foot and extend towards the toes experiencing pressure. Frequently, this stems from inadequately fitted footwear.

How Can Cycling Injuries Be Prevented?

The foremost approach to prevent overuse injuries is to enlist the expertise of a professional for your bike fitting. This will alleviate strain on your hands and lower back, while ensuring proper alignment of your joints.

  • Gradually increase your biking duration to prevent overuse injuries – a safe increment is typically around 10% per week.

  • Supplement your cycling routine with weight training and stretching to enhance its benefits.

  • If you experience discomfort, adopt a cautious pace, and utilize the R.I.C.E. method to reduce inflammation if soreness persists.

  • Prioritize safety by consistently donning a helmet and appropriate protective gear during your rides.

  • When cycling on roads, opt for vibrant attire to enhance visibility. Installing both front and rear lights is advisable to heighten your presence to surrounding ve

vehicles. Remain vigilant and refrain from wearing headphones when cycling near vehicular traffic.


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