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Vertigo From Stress

Updated: Feb 16

Numerous individuals experience vertigo due to stress. Hence, stress is viewed as a contributing element to the onset of dizziness and vertigo. A holistic strategy for addressing these issues frequently involves the implementation of stress control techniques. Occasionally, it might also be necessary to make individual adjustments.

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The Best Vertigo Treatment Plan


Frequently, patients inquire about whether medications or vestibular physical therapy offer the most effective approach to managing vertigo. They express a desire to explore additional relief options.

The answer hinges on various factors, determining the most suitable vertigo treatment plan.


Considerations encompass the extent of health insurance coverage versus the patient's financial capacity to cover expenses out-of-pocket.

Numerous patients find themselves bearing the cost of the preferred vertigo treatment approach.

Nonetheless, even then, there is no assurance that symptoms won't reoccur in the future, potentially necessitating further care.


Diagnosis represents another pivotal determinant for shaping the optimal vertigo treatment plan.

Certain underlying causes of dizziness are optimally managed by consistent use of preventive or symptom-alleviating medications.

For instance, conditions related to blood pressure, breathing, and other medical sources of dizziness may require such an approach.

Likewise, vestibular migraines and Meniere's disease often involve preventive and as-needed medication strategies.

Alternately, some dizziness causes may demand short-term medication use for immediate relief, while resolving the issue could require vestibular physical therapy.

Upon achieving successful outcomes through vestibular physical therapy and finding relief, many vertigo medications may become unnecessary.

Side note: Following completion of vestibular rehabilitation, I often advise patients to retain any vertigo medications in their carry-on luggage for future travels, as journeys commonly trigger dizziness and vertigo recurrence.


Often, the best vertigo treatment plan involves a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach, alongside the patient's commitment to adhering to the prescribed home treatment regimen.

As such, addressing the root causes of dizziness or vertigo and following through with the treatment plan often necessitates engagement with multiple healthcare professionals.


The optimal vertigo treatment plan might incorporate self-care strategies for symptom management at home.

Healthcare practitioners may propose specific dietary adjustments, contingent on the diagnosis.

Furthermore, the best vertigo treatment plan frequently integrates lifestyle modifications to mitigate the risk of dizziness recurrence.

For numerous patients grappling with dizziness and vertigo, a home exercise program tailored by a skilled vestibular physical therapist becomes an integral aspect of their treatment strategy.

Self-care tactics, dietary alterations, lifestyle adjustments, and home exercises must be tailored to each case, taking into account the underlying causes of the symptoms.

Opting out of a comprehensive, multifaceted treatment plan that necessitates active involvement or home-based exercises might entail reliance on medications for prolonged symptom relief.

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