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Want To Reach Your 2023 Health Goals? Here's How...

Updated: Feb 16

The beginning of a fresh year often signifies the start of renewed dedication to a health and fitness regimen. Here are a few suggestions to support you in achieving your objectives effectively this year.

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Approach Your Goals With Clear Intent And Precision

Embarking on an attainable goal typically begins by purposefully outlining the necessary steps and clearly defining the desired outcome. The concept of being intentional varies from person to person. For instance, you might choose to jot down your roadmap in a notebook or communicate your aspirations to a trusted friend or family member. In both scenarios, you are making a deliberate choice about what you aim to accomplish. If you have a general idea but are unsure how to begin, it can be helpful to break down larger goals into smaller, measurable achievements. This approach allows for specific definition and effective progress towards the ultimate objective.

The Value Of Seeking Guidance

Receiving guidance from a health and fitness expert can serve as a valuable means of maintaining accountability towards your goals. Additionally, they can assist you in establishing attainable expectations based on your specific circumstances.

In the event of persistent injuries or emerging discomforts, a physiotherapist can provide valuable assistance to help you address and manage them effectively.

For a well-informed and safe start, a fitness professional, such as a kinesiologist, can guide you through the initial steps and suggest appropriate and progressive approaches to achieve your desired outcomes.

Trust The Process

Attaining a goal typically involves a journey filled with ups and downs, rather than a straightforward path. It is crucial to exercise patience and understanding towards yourself. Remember that success is often akin to running a marathon rather than a sprint, requiring endurance and long-term commitment.

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Here Are Some Sample Health & Fitness Goals

My objective is to successfully hike a mountain with my daughter by the summer of 2023. Here's the plan to achieve it:

  • Step 1: Enhance my core and lower body strength by consulting with a fitness professional every 2-4 weeks. They will provide an exercise routine and suggest progressions tailored to my needs.

  • Step 2: Ensure that I have the necessary fitness equipment at home to carry out my workouts effectively.

  • Step 3: Allocate 1 hour, four days a week, in my schedule specifically for exercise. I will diligently record my workouts in my journal to track my progress.

  • Step 4: By spring 2023, complete at least three relatively easier trails to build up my hiking experience and prepare for the ultimate goal.

In 2023, my aim is to establish a consistent total body exercise routine, attending the local gym four times a week. Here's my plan to achieve this goal:

  • Step 1: Explore several gyms in the vicinity and make a decision about which one to join for a membership.

  • Step 2: Seek guidance from a Physiotherapist to address my knee pain and ensure comfortable exercise. Inquire about the recommended exercises to ease into my gym workouts.

  • Step 3: Engage in an exercise program two to three days per week, progressively advancing exercises every 2-4 weeks. After 4-6 weeks, add an additional exercise day. If new persistent aches or discomfort arise, consult with the Physiotherapist to address them and evaluate progress towards my goals.

  • Step 4: By spring of 2023, become familiar and comfortable with at least two distinct total body exercise programs that I can consistently maintain to sustain the level of fitness I have achieved.

  • Throughout the year, as I work towards my health and fitness objectives, I can rely on the support of our multidisciplinary team who are committed to assisting me every step of the way.


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